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Book description


The Green Devils assault on Fort Eben Emael

Harvey Blacks Web Site & Buy the Books

A military thriller based around the adventures of two young Fallschirmjäger paratroopers during the early part of World War II. It is a fictionalised adventure based on the famous assault on the impregnable Belgian Fortress, Eben Emael.

Tall, gangly Paul Brand is supported by his junior sergeant, Unterfeldwebel Max Grun, as he experiences his first action as a platoon commander in Poland, September 1939. The mutual respect between the two comrades grows as they experience the sights and smells of battle at close quarters

Following their success in Poland, Paul, Max and the platoon are sent to a clandestine camp in the foothills of the Harz Mountains to train for a secret mission. Confined to camp for six months they undergo intensive training for their next mission – the subjugation of the Eben Emael Fortress. Two German secret weapons will assist them to complete their task; the first is the glider, used for the first time to deposit troops directly onto a target, and the second secret weapon is a new Hollow Charge Weapon, capable of blasting through steel or concrete. On completion of their training, nine gliders containing seventy two Fallschirmjäger land on top of the fortress, before the troops move in to the depths of the tunnels to finish the job. Over one thousand Belgian troops fail to stop them.

This exciting fictionalised retelling of the assault on Eben Emael is written by an author with experience in army intelligence.


This is Harvey Blacks Debut novel, `Devils with Wings' and it follows the exploits of Paul and Max, members of the elite fallschirmjaeger parachute regiment (yes the Germans) The very troops who in 1940 lead the assault on the Eben Emael fortress in Belgium.

The book takes us from the training of Paul (Max is already an experienced NCO) it shows the immense training regime these guys endured and excelled at, how these men became one of the most elite units of WW2 and achieved some of the amazing feats that they did. The book then takes us on some relationship building early missions, to the point that they are selected for the Special Mission (by the Little Austrian Himself).

I'm not going into what happens on the mission, its success or failure or anything else, buy the book read it, you can find out the facts on Wiki, but the amazing writing ability of Harvey would be missed, the atmosphere, the daring the drama, all are brought out on a tale well woven and well paced and so well written.

Recently there has been a resurgence of WW2 fiction writers, i have been a fan of this era of fiction since my first Commando comic as a kid, and now i enjoy authors like James Holland, Robert Radcliffe, Guy Saville & James Delingpole, to be truthful Harvey is instantly among the best of them with this debut title, it really is page turning book, and oh so brave to make your hero a German (the only other author of note with the cojones to do this was Alex Scarrow with A Thousand Suns).

Book 2 Silk Drop is out in April.. its a date to ring in the book buying diary, I'm buying it.

Well recommended



Devils with Wings: Silk Drop

The Green Devils' Invasion of Crete

by Harvey Black

This exciting fictionalised retelling of the invasion of Crete is written by an author with extensive experience in army intelligence. It’s the follow up to Devils With Wings, and continues the wartime adventures of Fallschirmjager paratrooper Paul Brand and his Feldwebel Max Grun.

On a high after their successful subjugation of Fort Eben Emael, Paul Brand, now in command of his own company, and Feldwebel Max Grun, are parachuted into Greece to help capture the bridge spanning the Corinth Canal.

Tough times are ahead when the German High Command decide to invade the Island of Crete. This will be the first ever airborne invasion in military history. The Fallschirmjager, supported by the famous Gebirgsjager mountain troops, are up against 40,000 allied soldiers – who will fight to the bitter end to protect Crete.

Operating behind enemy lines, Paul Brand and Max Grun will face challenges that not only tests their fortitude but strains the close bond between them.

Silk Drop is a thrilling sequel to Devils With Wings and is based on a factual episode.

a little bit of Silk drop

Jordan, across the other side of the road, could see the fire fight
taking place and hear the clamour of sound, splintering trees and
chipped walls, but dare not fire for fear of hitting his own men.
Bullets whistled passed Paul’s head as he too went to ground. He
was anxious, he knew they had to do something, or they would lose
the initiative and get bogged down. The approaching six men had
prevented them from getting close to the house unseen. Richter’s
mortar rounds were not limitless and a counter attack was inevitable.
His tactics were based on keeping the enemy on the move, forcing
them out of the village where Roth and his men, supported by
Richter’s mortars, were waiting to spring the trap. Without another
thought, he pulled a grenade from his belt, unscrewed the cap, pulled
the string, counted two seconds, and then threw it as far as he could
towards the enemy lines, some forty metres away. Before it had
exploded he was up on his feet, his MP 40 clutched at waist height, a
fresh magazine loaded, was spitting fire at the entrenched enemy.
Rounds zipped past him as he sprinted towards his foes, his boots
pounding on the ground, his heart pumping in sync, hammering in
his ears. The grenade exploded in front of the soldiers at the side of
the house, stunning them temporarily, the Bren gunner ceasing fire as
he endeavoured to reposition the light machine gun to fire down on
the interloper getting dangerously close.

The two in the doorway both aimed at Paul as he ran through the
dissipated explosion, the gleam in their eyes indicating their confidence
in being able to kill this German soldier with ease. Their faith quickly
evaporating as a 9mm round from Paul’s machine pistol struck the
soldier on the left and a 7.92mm round struck the one on the right,
Fessman’s Kar98/42 still smoking as he chambered another round.
Petzel and Stumme with the MG 34, now had their turn, spraying
the upper window with a lethal rain, Max’s grenade following through,
flying through the window finishing the Bren Gun’s dominance for good.
The enemy had had enough, evacuating through the rear door of
the house, leaving the dead and wounded in their haste to escape the
onslaught of these devils, particularly the officer at the front, the
manic grin on his blackened face, he was the devil incarnate.
“Cease fire, cease fire,” yelled Leeb. “Secure the house, check
weapons and ammo, get ready to move forward.”
He waved his arm above his head towards Jordan’s position across
the road letting him know the area was secured and they would be
moving on again soon.

Paul stood in front of the doorway, bent at the waist, hands on
hips, his body heaving with exertion as he struggled to drag air into
his depleted lungs. A shadow loomed over him, its size signifying it
could only be Max.

Make sure you go to a signing, its the only way to get one of these stamped signed editions

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